Hello world!

Hi and welcome to my blog.

This blog will cover everything related to the Unreal Engine, so there will be tutorials, snippets, tips and freebies.
Maybe i will write tutorials about Blender and other software however related ti the Unreal Engine.

It is still in WIP so will be changes and updates.

So keep reading my blog and if you enjoy what you read buy me a coffee.
Coffees will keep this site up and running!

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Published by komahz

Hi, my name is Alessandro, I live in Italy and I love everything related to videogames and 3D. My first job is web developer, i use PHP, Perl and python. In my free time I like to experiment with UE and from the time I’ve created this blog I will write some tutorial to share my knowledge. If you believe that some of what i will write can be useful for your project feel free to think to buy me a coffee.

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